Clinton And Sanders Promise Immigration Reform During Debate

During Wednesday night’s Democratic Debate, hosted by Univision and The Washington Post and run by Latino moderators, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders strongly pledged that if elected President they would not deport children or undocumented adults without criminal records. Donald Trump and his negative comments about immigrants loomed large in the debate and gave Clinton and Sanders the opportunity to demonstrate their pro immigrant stances.  While the Democratic candidates sparred on whose record was stronger when it came to immigration, they both expressed sympathy for the plight of illegal aliens and vowed to introduce comprehensive immigration reform as a priority. In fact, Clinton stated: “Of the undocumented people living in our country, I do not want to see them deported, I want to see them on a path to citizenship.”  She went on to state that in the face of a divided government, she would insist on forwarding immigration reform policies and regulations, even if it means bypassing Congress and using executive orders.

When asked about his reactions to the debate, Edward Shulman, Esq., one of the nation’s leading Immigration Attorneys, stated “regardless of one’s choice for Presidential candidate, it was encouraging to see that Immigration was a primary topic dominating the debate.  It also clearly showed the huge divide between the Republican and Democratic candidates on Immigration.”