Bergen County

Immigration laws in the United States may be difficult to decipher, especially if you do not have any law background or relevant knowledge in this field. This is why it is important to engage reliable parties that can help. The Shulman Law Group is committed to helping clients with different aspects of immigration law services. Our team of lawyers is knowledgeable and experienced in the immigration law field and can provide advice or guidance regarding immigration laws. We prioritize our clients and are committed to ensuring that they understand their cases and know exactly what they should do next.

About Bergen County

Bergen County is located in the state of New Jersey within the United States. Out of all the counties, Bergen County is the most populous one, with a population of 932,000 residents and a total area of 246 square miles. Bergen County is located across the Hudson River in Manhattan and is a part of the New York City Metropolitan area. The county is divided into 70 municipalities, with the most populous place being Hackensack. It is also bordered by other states and counties, including Rockland County, New York, Manhattan, Westchester County and more.

Areas of Expertise in NJ Immigration Law

Below is a non-exhaustive list of immigration legal services that we provide in Bergen County:

  • Adjustment of Status: If an individual, who is already living in the United States, wants to get a green card without going back to their home country, they can apply for an adjustment of status.
  • Asylum and Refugee Law: In the case that a foreigner is being persecuted in their home country for various reasons such as their race or religion, they may apply for asylum or refugee status in the U.S.
  • Battered Spouse Petitions: A battered spouse may be able to obtain lawful permanent residency if it is proven that they are the victims of domestic violence.
  • Board of Immigration Appeals: The Shulman Law Group is able to help individuals who wish to appeal against a decision made in the courtroom.
  • Business Immigration Law: In order to work legally in the United States, foreign workers must obtain the relevant documents, such as a green card or a work visa.
  • Citizenship and Naturalization Law: If you are thinking about obtaining a U.S. citizenship, lawyers from The Shulman Law Group can guide you through the process.
  • Consular Practice: If you are thinking about getting an immigrant visa, our lawyers are able to help with all the backend work involved in consular processing.

Why Choose The Shulman Law Group’s Immigration Lawyers in Bergen County?

Lawyers from the Shulman Law Group are nationally recognized and have helped many people with their immigration law processes. Our team of immigration lawyers are fluent in a variety of languages including Spanish, French and Portuguese, and will be able to provide the guidance for immigration law services. We meticulously analyze each case and can provide useful advice to each person regarding their case. We have over two decades of experience, so you can rest assured you are working with some of the best immigrations lawyers around if you choose to work with us.

If you have any questions about hiring immigration lawyers in Bergen County, feel free to schedule a consultation with us today.