Top Immigration Attorney in New Jersey!

“Mr. Shulman is without doubt the best immigration attorney in New Jersey! My case was extremely challenging and only he could solve and resourcefully create an avenue for immigration relief. Not only is he brilliant and skillful, but he has a warm and caring personality. His office is communicative, well-organized, and always stays on top of your case. He is simply the best and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


The Best for Immigration cases

“My family has been using the services of Mr Edward G Shulman for nearly 8 years. We highly recommend him for all the immigration cases no matter how complicated they are. You will always get the best customer service, affordable fee and guaranteed results. The most important thing is the TIME that you save and all that frustration from the complications involved in all the Immigration cases.”


The Best

“Prior to getting married, my husband was embroiled in a political asylum case and was using a well-known attorney in Manhattan. About a month or so before we had planned to wed, my husband was put into final removal proceedings, as his political asylum case was denied. Distraught, angry and hopeless were exactly what we were feeling until close family friends had recommended Mr. Shulman. From the moment we stepped into his office and spoke to him, a relief came over us. Mr. Shulman is the nicest, most honest and reliable attorney either of us had ever met. He truly made us feel that we were in good hands and listened diligently to all of our concerns and answered all of our questions. We never felt rushed in his office like the plethora of other attorneys we had seen. He is also definitely affordable compared to other attorneys! He truly showed that he cared. Mr. Shulman and his entire staff did a tremendous job on our case. About two weeks ago, my husband’s I-601 waiver had been approved and he had received his green card! We are so grateful to have used Mr. Shulman because otherwise, our family would have been torn apart. He is extremely dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable at what he does and will not stop fighting for you. We highly recommend The Shulman Law Group, LLC, as you will not be disappointed!”


Edward is an Archangel of Immigration Law

“I am writing this strong recommendation on behalf of my immigration attorney, Edward Shulman, Esq. because I have had an exceptional experience with him and a positive outcome to my case. I initially found Mr. Shulman on the internet and was so impressed by his background, reputation, and positive ratings from other clients that I decided to use his services even though I live in Iowa and his office is located in New Jersey. While I could have found a local immigration attorney, I felt instantly comfortable and impressed by Mr. Shulman on the phone that I decided to work with him remotely. My case was a complicated National Interest Waiver (NIW) with adjustment of status and he handled it with such intelligence and thoroughness that I was approved in under a year’s time. I can proudly say that, thanks to Mr. Shulman, I now have my green card and cannot fully express how pleased I am with his services, skill, and responsiveness as an immigration attorney. I highly encourage other immigration clients around the country to consider his services, even if you do not reside in New Jersey. He is the best in his field!”



Mr. Shulman was an exceptional and confidence with the immigration law. He provided us straight forward, honest answers to our concerns. His knowledge in the immigration law was impressive and we felt positive that he would help us with our case. His staff was also helpful with our needs. Mr. Shulman provided us step by step on what was going to take place with our case. He is the best, greatest immigration lawyer ever. We would recommend him to anyone with immigration issues. His communication with us was very clear and understandable. Thanks to him for our freedom!


Mr. Edward Shulman is the best!!

“Mr Edward Shulman is the best attorney and such a great human being. He is honest, knowledgeable, and caring attorney. He helped my extremely difficult case. i am very statisfied with the outcome and the quality of the work. This office has kept me well informed and always return my calls. Mr Shulman did a wonderful job representing my case. I felt that my case was handled with professionlism and care . communication was always positive and i felt very informed throughout the process. I recommend him wholeheartedly. I thanks to Mr Shulman god bless him and his family.”


An Amazing Lawyer

“The thing that distinguishes Esq. Edward Shulman from other Immigration Lawyers is his deep and unbeatable knowledge on top of his unbelievable and creative talent. I had a self commitment and loyalty to express my feelings towards the results which I got from Esq. Edward Shulman’s efforts which I will never ever get from any other Immigration Lawyer in the USA. It’s not praise or a flattery but it’s a fact that Mr. Shulman is amazing, a phenomenon and he is an Architect and a Builder at the same time in his field. He is not a normal or a good lawyer, he is really a genius and a thinker who goes deep into anyone’s case with full integrity, honesty and faithfulness and gives the right choice and advice. If he says yes to you means with full confidence YES, if he says no to you means NO, and no need to search for another consultation.”


Best Immigration Attorney

“I’ve known Mr. Shulman for 6 years. He is a honest, knowledgeable, confident, and caring attorney and his staff is welcoming. Before meeting Mr. Shulman I had a different lawyer but I was not satisfied with him and his staff. After meeting Mr. Shulman he provided full information about my case what to expect, what to do, when to do and how to proceed. He helped my extremely difficult case and saved me from being deported, I wouldn’t be in this country if it wasn’t for him. Today I have a green card, thanks to almighty GOD and Mr. Edward Shulman. GOD bless him and his family.”


Very Highly Recommended

“I was referred to Edward from my original attorney for a fairly difficult immigration case. The original attorney felt that Ed may better handle this difficult situation. Good news was that Ed set everything up so that we had everything in our favor. Everything went smooth. But I felt that IF anything would have gone wrong.. he’s the man I want besides me. He is a focused person. Each subject is clear and to the point. No wasted time visiting him.”


Excellent Lawyer, with Excellent Professional Characteristics

“I my self am a medical professional. I hired Mr. Edward Shulman professional services 6years ago in 2005, and i am glad i did. Before meeting him i met 3 other lawyers, but i was not satisfied from them. For them i was just a customer/being with immigration problem, as millions other have. After first meeting i decided (THIS IS THE MAN) Mr. Shulman was very confident about what he was talking, while his body language was NOT “WHO CARES” , provided legal guidelines to me about what to expect, what to do, when to do while keeping me informed about my case. We had our ups and down but i always found him Very supportive. Now i am a citizen of USA. thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD and Edward Shulman. GO BLESS HIM. I will definately recommend him regarding Immigration matters.”


Wonderful Immigration attorney

“Ed Shulman has changed my perception of lawyers with his genuine interest in my well-being and by ensuring that my immigration issues are being carried through in a timely and effective manner. He has gone above and beyond ANY lawyer I have dealt with. He exemplifies the true definition of an honest and great lawyer. I am happy to write this review hoping that any one who is unsure and confused about their case can find peace and assurance with his representation. Thanks a million Ed…”


An Amazing Attorney!

“Mr. Shulman is a caring and compassionate human being and attorney who looks at his clients as people and not merely cases. He helped me achieve the impossible by fighting for my freedom when I had given up all hope. He was tireless and kept me informed and engaged through out the entire process and I can honestly say I would not have my freedom if it were not for Mr. Shulman. I would highly recommend him.”


Exceptional Attorney

“I’ve known Ed Shulman more than 8 years. He saved my brother from a detention center and deportation. I will be grateful for the rest of my life. I stay in touch with him still.”


The Best in Business!

“To make the long story short – I wouldn’t be here now writing this review if it wasn’t for him. He fought with me and for me as if he was defending himself and not some stranger from a foreign country. I will highly recommend him – if your case has any chance at all he is the one you need.”


Great Immigration Lawyer

“Mr. Shulman is extremely knowledgeable about immigration law. He spoke with my wife and I about our son’s deportation matter until we fully understood everything. He saved our son from being deported. Great lawyer and great staff!”