Blanket Waiver

If someone seeking adjustments to their status in United States or an immigration visa is turned down because they did not have the proper vaccinations, there are waivers that they may be eligible for. Waivers can include the following:

  • If it would be contrary to the applicant’s moral convictions or religious beliefs to have the vaccination in question

(The next to waivers are known as blanket waivers)

  • If they receive certification from a panel physician or civil surgeon that the vaccination in question would not be medically appropriate
  • If, by the date of the adjustment application or the decision on the visa the individual received the vaccination required or if they had simply failed to show the proper documentation previously

Of course, specific requirements apply to each of these waivers. And in contrast to waivers of other types, it is not required that the applicant have a qualifying relative in order for them to be eligible for an immigrant vaccination requirement waiver.

Blanket waivers are granted by the USCIS if it is indicated by a health professional that an individual is either, for medical reasons, unable to receive the required vaccination or has already gotten the required vaccine(s). If a blanket waiver is granted by the USCIS, the applicant will not need to pay a fee or file a form. If, on the other hand, the waiver states a moral objection or objection on account of religious beliefs, it must be filed, along with the correct fee, on the appropriate form.

In special cases, if it is recommended to the USCIS from the CDC that there is a vaccination shortage, a blanket waiver may also be applied. There are firm stipulations applied to this consideration.