Consular Interview

When an individual’s intent is immigrating to the United States, they go through consular processing. They will typically go to a home country consulate or US Embassy to complete a green card application for lawful permanent residence. Involved in this process is the submission of proper documents and forms to the consulate. The individual will also need to attend a consular interview.

What will someone who is applying for this process need for the interview? First of all, an appointment letter from the NVC, National Visa Center, must be presented. Additional needs are as follows:

  • For any document that is not written in the official language of the country where the interview is being conducted or in English, a translation must be provided and a competent translator must certify the contents
  • Passport photographs (2) that are in color and measure 5 x 5 cm or 2 x 2 and are on a white background
  • Specifically required civil documents
  • A photocopy of the biographic page (passport) where your photo and name are located and an unexpired passport that is, after the intended United States entry date, still valid for six months
  • Medical exam, the results of which the doctor may hand directly to you. If you have an envelope from the doctor it should be submitted at your interview but unopened.
  • The confirmation page resulting from a form that you have previously submitted to; Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application Form DS-260

Visa applications which are employment-based require a United States employer letter that details the job offer elements and is dated less than a month ago.

Visa applications that are family-based require proof of the United States petitioner’s domicile and status in the United States, financial evidence showing the income of your petitioner, and a signed affidavit of support provided by your petitioner.