Fraud Interview

If you have achieved immigration status as a permanent or temporary resident (green card) or for citizenship as a result of marriage to a United States citizen, and someone finds out that the circumstances under which you filed for citizenship or residency were less than truthful, you may find yourself summoned to a fraud interview. If this is the case, you will want to be prepared. And rest assured, questions will be asked of both parties – husband and the wife – separately and in private.

It must be determined if this marriage was simply for convenience or truly out of love. If you find yourself attending a fraud investigation, make sure to bring an immigration lawyer with you to the interview.

But what might trigger an investigation of this type? The following could raise a few red flags:

  • An application that contains inconsistencies and was not properly prepared
  • If there is an exceptional difference in levels of education between the two parties
  • If there is a blatant difference in the religious and cultural background of the couple
  • If, between the husband and wife, there is a huge age difference
  • If both people in the relationship do not speak the same language
  • If each of the people in this married couple have a different address
  • If each party is of a different national origin or race

What are some of the questions that you and your spouse may be asked? Many individual questions may or may not be posed under the following categories:

  • What happened just before this interview?
  • Questions involving the bedroom, pre-bedtime rituals, etc.
  • Inquiries about the kitchen
  • Questions about technology such as cell phones, cable providers, DVDs, garage door openers, etc.
  • Details about the house in which you live
  • Children and relatives
  • Details about you and your spouse including your wedding, honeymoon, where you met, birthdays, etc.

The answers given to these questions that each participant has relayed to the interviewer will be compared. It is on the basis of this comparison that you will be judged to have a bona fide marriage or if it is a sham solely for the purpose of attaining a green card. Do not be surprised if harsh tactics are applied during this investigation.

Keep in mind, this kind of fraud is a federal crime. It will be prosecuted as such including loss of green card, loss of benefits, hefty fines, and years of prison time.