Immigration Court

The United States Immigration Court is an office within the US Department of Justice. Its main responsibility is to adjudicate immigration cases within the United States, as its name would suggest. The main role of the United States Immigration Court is to conduct immigration removal proceedings. These are administrative procedures which have an aim of determining whether or not an individual should be deported out of the country. Currently, there are 58 of such courts in the country.

When conducting removal proceedings, various factors have to be taken into account by the United States Immigration Court. These include the main reason why the relevant authorities request for deportation of the individual.

In addition to that, other factors such as the validity of their stay in the country as well as their conduct while within the United States can also be scrutinized and provide guidance as to how to deal with the matter. Depending on the complexity of the case, immigration cases can last for some time. One can check the progress of an immigration case by using the immigration status tool on the Department of Justice website.

In the US constitution, any person who is taken to court has a right to legal representation. In most United States Immigration Courts, the defendant will be provided with an appointed attorney, and can also get their own if they so desire. In these instances, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who specializes in immigration law for proper representation which increases the chances of a desired verdict.