Consultation with Detained Immigrants

There are many reasons why someone may be detained by immigration. When a person is present in the United States unlawfully or has violated the conditions of their temporary or permanent status (for example, committing a crime), they are subject to immigration detention.

How can you be released from immigration detention?

An immigration detainee may be eligible to be released from detention by having a family member post bond, while awaiting a formalized immigration hearing before an Immigration Judge.  Having an immigration attorney available during the process of detention helps to facilitate an earlier release from a detention center and to facilitate the process of preparing for an upcoming hearing.

How can The Shulman Law Group help you?

Our head immigration attorney and firm founder, Edward Shulman, Esq. routinely visits local jails, prisons, and detention centers in order to establish personal, face-to-face contact with detained immigration clients.  He also consults closely with the client’s family members or other involved individuals in order to obtain historical information, to procure necessary documents, and to coordinate the details of their immigration case.