Cuban Adjustment Act

This is a law that applies to any native or citizen of Cuba who has been inspected and admitted into the United States after January 1, 1959 and has been physically present for at least one year.  As such, he or she is admissible to the United States as a permanent resident.

It is important to note that immigration laws for Cubans are different than for other immigrant groups.  For example, Cubans are not required to enter the United States at a port-of-entry.

How can The Shulman Law Group help you?

At The Shulman Law Group, we take pride in educating the Cuban community about their immigration rights.  In addition to the Cuban Adjustment Act, we also assist Cubans in Cuba who are eligible to legally migrate to the U.S. through various migration programs, including:

  • Immigrant visa issuance
  • Refugee admission
  • Diversity lottery
  • Special Cuban Migration Program (SCMP), otherwise known as the Cuban lottery.