Dec 28

USCIS Extends TPS Re-Registration Period For Haitian Nationals

USCIS extended the re-registration period for Haitian nationals who have already been granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) until January 29, 2013. Individuals who timely re-register will extend their TPS entire story

Dec 26

ICE Announces Non-Renewal Of 287(G) Task Force Agreements & Year-End Removal Num

ICE announced that it removed 409,849 individuals in FY2012 and that it is not renewing its 287(g) agreements with state & local law enforcement task forces. ICE Memo on entire story

Dec 21

USCIS Will Permanently Close Its Field Office In Panama City, Panama On 2/1/13

After 2/1/13, jurisdiction over the countries currently served by the Panama City field office will be divided between the USCIS field offices in Lima, Peru, and San Salvador, El entire story

Dec 19

NJ Residents Reach Settlement With Immigration Officials Over Pre-Dawn Home Raid

Eight New Jersey residents who accused federal immigration officials of conducting warrantless raids of their homes will share $295,000 in a settlement. The residents and homeowners brought a case entire story

Dec 18

U.S. & Canada Announce Visa & Immigration Information-Sharing Agreement

The State Department recently announced the signing of the U.S.-Canada Visa and Immigration Information-Sharing Agreement, which will enable Canada and the U.S. to share information from third country nationals entire story

Dec 17

New Guidance Limits CBP’s Role In Providing Language Translation Assistance

Under CBP's new guidance, if a federal, state, or local law enforcement organization requests CBP assistance based solely on a need for language translation, CBP must refer those requests entire story