10 Important Facts About Green Cards

  1. Green Card Holders are also called LPR’s or Lawful Permanent Residents.
  2. A Green Card Holder is NOT a U.S. Citizen, which means that they may not vote, serve on a jury, and cannot possess an American Passport.
  3. A Green Card is a privilege which means that one must maintain a high level of moral conduct and comportment whilst residing in the United States.  A Green Card may be withdrawn and the Green Card Holder may be deported for certain crimes that render a person removable under Immigration Law.
  4. A Green Card Holder must maintain primary residency in the United States.  It does not allow individuals unlimited travel in and out of the United States.  Green Cards may be lost through “abandonment.”
  5. A Green Card Holder must file U.S. Income Taxes.
  6. Although the actual card says the word “Permanent,” a Green Card is valid for 10 years for Permanent Residents and 2 years for Conditional Permanent Residents. They may be renewed or replaced, as applicable.
  7. Although Green Cards are commonly obtained through marriage, familial sponsorship, or through employment, there are several other paths to obtaining permanent residency.  Some of these other pathways include the Diversity Lottery (DV) as well as through Investment in the United States, Adoption, Asylum, and for individuals in a category called “Special Immigrants.”
  8. Undocumented immigrants are typically ineligible to obtain a Green Card because of their unlawful status.  However, some undocumented immigrants may allow for a Provisional Waiver of Inadmissibility in order to remove the disqualification if they can successfully prove that being separated from their U.S. Citizen spouse or parent would cause extreme and exceptional hardship.
  9. As a Green Card Holder, you are able to sponsor relatives.
  10. Green Card Holders are eligible to obtain many social and economic benefits, including research grants, insurance coverage, social security, state sponsorship in education, and retirement earnings.
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