American Immigration Lawyers Association Appeals To Trump During Transition

Following the election of Donald Trump, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), an association of immigration lawyers dedicated to advocating for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy, has been calling upon President-elect Trump to turn away from the divisive campaign rhetoric on immigration.  This is also important in letting undocumented immigrants know that they are supported and that AILA, in addition to many other advocacy organizations, will do everything in their power to fight widespread deportations of illegal immigrants.

AILA President William A. Stock, stated: “Now that voting is complete, we all need to work together to put the rhetoric and rancor of the past months aside…For more than 70 years, AILA has worked with leaders from both parties to craft policies that promote a fair and just immigration system, one which reflects the values upon which our country was founded. Today we affirm our commitment to work with President-elect Trump and other leaders who are also committed to those principles and values.”

AILA Executive Director Benjamin Johnson continued the sentiments, stating: “Though the road ahead may not be easy, AILA stands ready to work with President-elect Trump and the new leadership in Congress to create an immigration system that is consistent with our values and aligned with the fundamental principles of fairness that are the cornerstone of our nation. However, the continued vilification of immigrants and the pursuit of policies that violate these principles cannot be tolerated. AILA and its more than 14,000 members remain committed to defending the Constitution and standing up against laws and policies that denigrate the important role that immigration has played in building our great nation. It is time to put the anger aside and get to work.”

Edward Shulman, Esq., founder of the Shulman Law Group, a New Jersey-based immigration law firm, is a former chairman of the New Jersey Chapter of AILA and has spent the past 20 years advocating for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy for his clients.  His firm is closely monitoring the Trump transition team and is dedicated to maximally supporting and assisting clients as they navigate potential Immigration policy and regulatory changes in the upcoming Trump Presidency. Shulman states: “Amid all of the uncertainty and anticipatory anxiety, I want my immigration clients to know that AILA and many other immigration advocacy groups stand behind them poised to protect and ensure that their due process rights are protected and that will be allowed to pursue the avenues of relief from deportation and receive the immigration benefits to which they are entitled.”  He also noted the import of seeking immigration counsel as soon as possible so that undocumented individuals may educate themselves about their rights and to discuss an action plan in the event that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents come to their home or workplaces.  These rights include the right to remain silent and asking ICE to show a warrant signed by a Judge before opening the door.  The Shulman Law Group staff also discusses important strategies with immigration clients, such as creating a safety plan so that loved ones can know how to contact individuals detained by ICE, so that they will be prepared in advance.