Attorney Edward Shulman Meets With President Obama

The Shulman Law Group’s firm founder, Edward Shulman, Esq., was invited by special invitation to the White House on Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  During his visit to the White House, Mr. Shulman had the rare and special opportunity to personally discuss the importance of immigration reform with the President.  President Obama told Mr. Shulman that he remains confident and hopeful that the Supreme Court will hear the case and overturn the injunction, allowing his proposed Executive Actions to move forward.

According to Mr. Shulman, the hope is that the Supreme Court will hear this case during President Obama’s present term and hand down a favorable decision by June of 2016.  This would mean the preservation of Obama’s ability to implement the immigration programs before leaving office.  It would also be in time for the Republican and Democratic nominating conventions. Mr. Shulman was quoted as saying “A decision by the court will not only have a long-lasting impact on the president’s legacy but will likely impact the 2016 presidential race.”