Calling Broadcasters To Our Country

U.S. immigration law supports certain public policy objectives by designating that some foreign nationals can qualify for residency or citizenship because of the role they played in helping the United States. A notable example includes translators who aided American troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan during those wars. A lesser known category for potential immigration to this country is the green card for broadcasters.

Individuals (and their spouses and children) who are coming to work in the United States as a broadcaster for the International Broadcasting Bureau of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), can apply for a green card to obtain permanent residence. Only about 100 visas per year are issued by the USCIS in this category. This does not include the spouses and children whom are permitted to enter with those who qualify as broadcasters. “Broadcasters include a reporter, writer, translator, editor, producer, announcer, news broadcast host, news analyst, editorialist or a news analysis specialist.

Just as the special category permitting translators and interpreters who assisted American troops was created to recognize the unique contributions to American interests – not to mention the risks they would face if they continued to reside in their own country – the category for broadcasters advances an American policy interest which originated with Voice of America radio stations during the Cold War. Voice of America radio stations were established all over the globe to counter Soviet propaganda and communicate American perspectives on significant issues. After the demise of the Soviet Union, Congress decided this approach should be updated. The Broadcasting Board of Governors promotes principles set forth in the International Broadcasting Act of 1994, a post-Cold War statute which reiterated the need to support broadcasting which, while consistent with American foreign policy and respectful of human rights including the freedom of religion, does not duplicate the reporting activities of either American or local broadcasting outfits in the countries in which the broadcasts are conducted.  As these broadcasters perform services in support of the United States, it was decided that a limited number of these people should have the chance to seek residency here every year.

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