Cathy Baleiron, Senior Law Associate of the Shulman Law Group appeared on News 12 New Jersey for an interview last night about Title 42 and its potential impact on New Jersey. During the segment, called a “Deep Dive into Immigration”, Ms. Baleiron was asked to weigh in regarding the significance of the expiration of Title 42 and what it may mean for immigration policies in the United States.

Attorney Baleiron explained that Title 42 was a Trump-era policy that allowed for the rapid expulsion of asylum seekers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. While there is hope that the ending of Title 42 may present an opportunity to reset our national approach to immigration, there are also concerns that the rule’s expiration has sparked concerns about a humanitarian crisis of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

When asked about the specific effects of the lifting of Title 42 on New Jersey, Ms. Baleiron noted that New Jersey has already been impacted by the border crisis in the last several years and she forecasts that the principal issue will be the increased back-up in the Immigration Courts, which already are experiencing significant docket delays.

Importantly, Ms. Baleiron highlighted that it is important for immigrants seeking asylum to be aware that there exists tremendous misinformation proliferating across immigration communities, on social media platforms, online, and even by the press.  It is critically important that intending immigrants obtain information directly from an immigration attorney to learn their rights, help advocate on their behalf, and help them to navigate the immigration process effectively.