Clinton Vows To Expand President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

Following a deadlocked Supreme Court decision last month that effectively terminated President Obama’s immigration Executive Order, Hillary Clinton has vowed to restore the program which would have protected the parents of children who are in the country legally and expand benefits to people who were brought to the United States as children.  In fact, in a speech before the National Convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens last Thursday, she strongly expressed her intention to “double down” on President Obama’s executive actions and promised to create a clearer immigration system where immigrants with “sympathetic cases or a history of community service will be eligible for special status.

Importantly, Clinton tenaciously explained that immigration reform is one of her top priorities and that she intends to introduce legislation and call for a comprehensive immigration bill during her first 100 days in office.  She stated: “we will put a comprehensive immigration reform bill before Congress that includes a pathway to citizenship, fixes the family visa backlog, and strengthens our economy.

Clinton’s promises and proposed immigration plans have helped to quell the extreme disappointment undocumented immigrants have been experiencing in the aftermath of the Supreme Court deadlock.  Although they will not be able to emerge from the threat of deportation for the balance of President Obama’s term, it does offer hope that, should Clinton be elected, immigration reform will be a high priority.

At the Shulman Law Group, LLC, we remain on the pulse of political activities in order to understand which candidates will be in the best interest of the immigration clients whom we passionately serve.  It is our hope that a comprehensive immigration reform bill will eventually be passed and we promise to keep our readers and clients abreast of all newsworthy events within the world of immigration.  Although we must adopt a wait-and-see approach regarding the upcoming Presidential election, we encourage individuals who are undocumented not to wait until the new President takes office in order to take action upon their immigration cases.  There are many instances wherein relief from deportation may be available and it is important to thoroughly explore all options to possibly adjust one’s status in the United States.