DHS Funding Bill Intending to Block Obama’s Immigration Measures Fails Part Two

The attempt by members of the Republican majority in both houses of Congress to use the annual budget of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a tool to reverse the immigration measures taken by executive action of President Obama last November may be running out of steam. At first House Republicans floated the idea of shutting down the government in December unless provisions which accomplished such action were not part of an omnibus budget bill to fund the federal government for 2015. Then when members decided they did not want to start off their new term as obstructionists they fell back on a less noticeable approach: pass a budget which funds all departments for the year but provide funds to the DHS only for two months through part of February.

Now that the expiration for funding the department is arriving, this strategy may be unravelling. The plan was to hold out funds and see if any Democrats (six of whom would need to vote with Republicans to pass a DHS budget with these riders intended to undo the President’s initiatives regarding immigration) would budge. Now, as that is not occurring, some Republicans may be prepared to throw in the towel on this whole strategy.

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk said Wednesday that his party made a mistake by picking a fight over President Barack Obama’s immigration actions, and said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) should bring up a “clean” bill to keep the Department of Homeland Security funded.

“I generally agree with the Democratic position here. I think we should have never fought this battle on DHS funding,” the Illinois senator said in the Capitol. “I think it’s the wrong battle for us at the wrong time.”

Part of this senator’s skepticism may derive from the important role the DHS has in protecting the homeland from terrorist acts. In the wake of attacks in France and the atrocities committed by the group known as ISIS, the idea of shutting down that department looks politically perilous. This could impact decisions made by lawmakers as they face the deadline to fund the behemoth federal department which also oversees agencies responsible for naturalization immigration.

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