Long-time Resident Of Dearborn Facing Deportation

A 71 year-old man who sells ice cream from a truck in his home of Dearborn, Michigan now faces potential deportation from the United States. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Mahmoud Bazzi at his home in Dearborn in the morning July 15, the Detroit Free Press reported. ICE alleges that the Lebanese national may have used a false passport to enter the country decades ago. Mr. Bazzi may also be accused of killing two Irish soldiers in 1980 that were on a peacekeeping mission along the Israel-Lebanon border, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Bazzi will face a removal proceeding by U.S. Immigration next week regarding his immigration violation,  reports the Detroit newspaper. The nature of the defense he may use in court remains to be seen. Apparently, the families of the slain Irish soldiers have pressured the United States government to apprehend him and send him to face justice for those alleged homicides. On the other hand, Bazzi believes that these soldiers had killed his own brother. It is difficult, however, to understand how the forum of the deportation and removal hearing can serve as the venue for a full-blown trial over deaths that occurred more than thirty years ago. Rather the issue will focus on what basis Mr. Bazzi can claim to continue his residency in the United States.

Often residents who wish to remain in the country will seek asylum on the grounds that a return to the country of their origin presents a danger to themselves. In order to qualify for such asylum, a showing must be made that the petitioner harbors a reasonable fear of persecution should they be sent back to their home country. It is not unusual for immigration judges to consider evidence of events that transpired before – and after -the petitioners left their home countries. But as the reported allegations concerning Mr. Bazzi appear to indicate a deadly altercation occurred between him and former peacekeepers whose units have long ago left the area, it does not seem that those events would form a relevant backdrop for an asylum claim.

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