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Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis of the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York officially ordered the Trump administration to restart DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Indeed, he ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to post a public notice by today, December 7, 2020, to accept first-time applications and ensure that work permits are valid for two years.  He also ordered DHS to process renewals and advance parole requests based on Obama-era rules. Up to 300,000 additional undocumented immigrants are now allowed to apply for protection from deportation under this new ruling.

The Shulman Law Group (SLG) applauds the ruling of Judge Garaufis and looks forward to helping new DREAMers become DACA recipients.  This renowned Immigration Law Firm, located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, is poised to help eligible individuals start applying for this importantly protective program immediately.  Following President Obama’s original Executive Order in 2012, SLG aided many DREAMers in successfully obtaining protections and partial legalization through DACA.  Law Firm founder and Immigration Attorney Edward Shulman states “Amid a global pandemic and an economic recession, this victory grants critically important stability to a vulnerable and sympathetic group of immigrants. This is an important judicial ruling and we likewise look forward to the incoming Biden administration which promises to create more permanent solutions for deserving immigrants.”

It is important to note that while there is some concern that Judge Garaufis’ order may be blocked by a higher court, even if the order is blocked, President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to fully reinstate DACA once he takes office on January 20, 2021.